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Welcome to the KingsFishers Total Fitness website, we have added some useful information for you, see (PILATES RESOURCES).  If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can ring or email on 01634 370721 or info@kingsfishers.co.uk

Classes are TUESDAY EVENINGS based in the Main Hall at RAINHAM GIRLS SCHOOL, Derwent Way, Rainham, Kent, ME8 0BX  We start at 7.10pm and finish at 8.20pm. If you’re coming along for the first time, please arrive at 7.00pm so that I can have a quick chat with you. Don’t forget your water and mat (and any weights if you have them – optional). You’ll only need sensible work-out clothing and your ordinary trainers. I look forward to seeing you there! Best regards, Liz.

Pilates Class is CLOSED at Rainham Girls School – BUT we are now online at 7:10pm on Tues 24th March’20

Due to CV recommendations from the Government, class is cancelled at RGS (until further notice), however, we are now LIVE ONLINE each week.  If anything changes, it will be posted on this home page on a Tuesday by 3.30pm.  If you are not on the WhatsApp group for notifications, please email me at: liz@kingsfishers.co.uk and you will get a weekly update as well.  If you would like a pro-rata refund on your “paid” classes, please email.  These are unusual and extreme times but I am really saddened and frustrated to have to cancel classes until further notice.  Please hang in there with me.  Take care, be safe and God bless, Love Liz x

We have started broadcasting FREE work-outs online, from our kitchen on TUESDAYs!! 

The class is exactly the same format as if you were in class, so push the setee back and send the family to their rooms.  Grab your water & mat and let’s work out from the comfort of your own home starting 7.10pm TUESDAYs.  We welcome your constructive feedback; if enough people like it, we will do it every week until we get back to RGS.  We will start recording the class during Tuesday and posting the segments as we complete them, so if you want a sneak preview (before the final posting at 7pm), then feel free to view, as they happen.  As they are pre-recorded and posted, you can re-visit as often as you like … or even choose when you run the class for yourself.  Five class members that we are aware of; have done the online class and have made the following comments:

“I was doing the class as you were posting the videos, didn’t realise it was going to be a whole class”
“Liz this is brilliant, I did the class the next day and loved it”
“Love the online class, I was able to pick the bits I liked the most and do them a few times over”
“We loved the class on Tuesday, the whole family did it together, it was great fun”
“… can’t wait until next Tuesday, best thing about self-isolating”
“Loving the rustic kitchen look and the ‘tins of beans for weights’, that’s what we love about you Liz; you’re so down to earth”

click here to play last weeks workout 2020-03-17 Kitchen Pilates

This weeks workout is below, you may need to Refresh the page to see new content.  We ran out of space for recording (forgot to empty the trash/cache), so we have tagged last weeks stretch on the end of this weeks workout (just in case you were wondering how Liz changed clothes so quickly!).

See all the videos below. After the initial introduction video, the Playlist will continue with all the videos recorded in the order that we recommend you follow, to have a well balanced complete work-out (typically 8 to 10 segments). However, you can choose to repaeat or skip the various segments, via the pull-down option in the corner of the video (see red square in image guide above).   The warm-up will get your muscles all warm, but be careful if you moving on a carpeted surface.  We will archive the class playlists each week, in case you want to re-visit the previous week’s class.


BAD WEATHER INFORMATION : Rule of thumb is that if there is an inch of snow or the roads are very icy, the school will shut me down and class will be cancelled on that night.  Don’t hesitate to email or ring me if you want to double check, thanks.

Pilates Medway by KingsFishers